About Ohio Psychiatric Services

About Ohio Psychiatric Services

Combining a well-trained and highly experienced team of providers with a compassionate, patient-centered approach, Ohio Psychiatric Services has established itself as a well-respected and loved psychiatric clinic serving the Lancaster, Ohio, community. The team, led by Max Haque, MD, and Pramoda Fatehchand, MS, PA-C, is dedicated to assisting each patient with a customized treatment plan that is evidence-based and proven to be effective at helping people see a reduction in their symptoms and improvement in their overall quality of life.

Ohio Psychiatric Services is well versed in a wide range of mental health conditions, including ADHD, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, depression, insomnia, OCD, panic disorder, PTSD, schizophrenia, social anxiety, dementia, and more. The team selects from a range of treatment options to best fit each patient’s specific needs, including psychiatric evaluations, medication management, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) for depression, counseling, genetic/DNA testing, treatment for opioid addiction through Recovery Solutions and medical marijuana certification.

The team at Ohio Psychiatric Services works to create a warm, comfortable, and confidential environment to ensure that each patient and their families receive the most comprehensive and empathetic treatment possible. They believe that the best outcomes happen when the patient and family have a clear understanding of the benefits and risks of each treatment option, ensuring a collaborative effort when designing treatment plans.

To learn more, call or use the online booking tool today to request an appointment with the team at Ohio Psychiatric Services.