Breakthrough TMS Therapy for Adolescent Depression

Breakthrough TMS Therapy for Adolescent Depression

Adolescent depression affects millions of young individuals in the United States, disrupting their academic success, social interactions, and emotional well-being. But there’s hope on the horizon: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy has recently gained FDA approval for treating adolescents aged 15 to 21.


The Advent of TMS Therapy for Teens

Neuronetics, Inc. and Brainsway Deep TMS have developed innovative TMS technologies that offer a new option for those who struggle with traditional antidepressant treatments. This breakthrough provides hope for young individuals battling major depressive disorder (MDD).

Understanding TMS Therapy

At Ohio Psychiatric Services, we utilize NeuroStar and Brainsway TMS therapy. TMS is a non-invasive treatment that uses magnetic fields to stimulate specific brain areas associated with mood regulation. Already approved for adults, TMS now extends its benefits to adolescents.

Addressing the Pandemic’s Impact

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on mental health, especially among teenagers. Limited treatment options for this age group prompted the introduction of TMS therapy. Real-world data and clinical success underscore its promise.

Evidence of Effectiveness

The FDA’s approval was based on comprehensive data from the TMS TrakStar technology. In a study involving 1,169 adolescents, an impressive 78% experienced significant mood improvement. TMS, when combined with antidepressant therapy, outperformed antidepressants alone.

Transforming Lives

Our patients at Ohio Psychiatric Services have witnessed the effective results of TMS therapy. Many report improved mood, energy levels, and a brighter outlook on life within days of starting treatment. This non-invasive approach offers hope to young people struggling with depression.


Personalized Treatment

Our mission is to support adolescents and their families through depression challenges. We offer personalized treatment plans, including FDA-approved TMS therapy. Whether standalone or combined with other options, our compassionate providers are dedicated to helping young individuals regain their well-being.

Take the First Step

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