Medication Management

Medication Management

Many Psychiatric disorders including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADHD, sleep problems and schizophrenia will require medications coupled with psychotherapy for successful treatment. Medication management certainly is a vital part of this equation, as not all medications will be received and tolerated by patients in the same way. At Ohio Psychiatric Services and TMS Center, our compassionate providers, counselors and other mental health professionals work close together to provide patients with the best individualized treatment.


As you start your treatment, please keep in mind that sometimes psychotropic medications may take up to 4-6 weeks before you start feeling better. Your provider will monitor your progress closely with regularly scheduled visits and medication adjustments as necessary. Monitoring medications, their side effects, and possible interactions with other medications is critical in treating mental disorders. Understanding how our mental health providers can help and truly knowing what medication management means is key to feeling comfortable and reassured about the recommended treatment plan and medications.


Untreated mental health conditions affect your overall physical health as well. Stress and trauma can cause chronic anxiety and overwhelming feelings of hopelessness which overtime can result in major psychological and physical illnesses. The associated behaviors may also become addictive and destructive. Regular mental health and physical health checkups are therefore essential for your wellbeing. 


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